What We Are Doing

Quakers gather in silence. Friends enter the Meeting room, find seats, and wait in prayerful expectancy. We have no ordained minister. Rather, Friends who are moved during Meeting to speak, rise and share their ministry. There is a period of time at the beginning of Meeting when Friends are settling in and centering down. There may be some rustling and a few latecomers may enter the room. Gradually a deeper, more powerful silence descends and it is out the profound contemplation, which both produces such silence and is made possible by such silence that messages are spoken.

The Quarterly Meeting holds four Meetings for worship with a concern for Business each year. Its members approve major decisions involving the Quarter’s finances. The Quarterly Meeting hears reports of its committees and constituent meetings, approves nominations, approves new or restructured programs of the Quarterly Meeting, and discerns and approves minutes brought by concerned members. Concerns are ordinarily to be laid before the Quarterly meeting only after proper seasoning and discernment by a monthly meeting or a committee, and may be sent for further discussion even when Friends are in unity that the concern is properly the burden of the entire Quarter rather than an individual leading. The committees of the New York Quarterly Meeting follow the procedures set forth in New York Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice. The Corporation owns and administers its real property and financial assets, hires its employees, and coordinates some aspects of its spiritual life.