Quaker Meetings for Worship

All are welcome to attend. Quaker meetings are referred to as “monthly meetings” because they meet once a month to conduct the business of the meeting; they meet more often for worship. Most gather for worship every Sunday morning. The New York Monthly Meeting groups include: 15th Street, Brooklyn, Flushing, Staten Island, Downtown Allowed (Outdoors), Penington House, Morningside, and Manhattan meeting (pastoral).

New York Quarterly Meeting, 15 Rutherford Place
New York Quarterly Meeting, 15 Rutherford Place

There are different kinds of worship services at different Quaker Meetings. Most meetings in NYC hold “unprogrammed worship” or “waiting worship”. Its premise is that God’s own Spirit will guide us in how best to worship God. Therefore, we do not plan any ceremonies or rituals or prepare any hymns, sermons or prayers of our own devising. We come together in silence and wait for the moving of the Holy Spirit.

We try to quiet our minds, open our hearts and listen to the Spirit. There is no prescribed way to do this. The key is an attitude of expectant waiting and a willingness to obey whatever inner promptings God may inspire. We are also alert to hear the messages that may come to us through our fellow worshippers.


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