Great Lakes Region (Africa) Education Committee

A group of smiling schoolchildren in uniforms from the Great Lakes Region of Africa, photo by Maria Makungu

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OUR COMMITTEE, FOUNDED BY JIM MORGAN IN 2001, is proud to be entering our twenty-third year of service (2024). Over the years we have raised money for faculty housing and cisterns at the Quaker founded Kisangura Schools in Tanzania, plus money to build classrooms at the Davanga School in Kenya. We have sponsored over 100 students at the Kisangura Primary and Secondary Schools, paying all of their annual school fees, textbooks, and uniforms. We pay the dorm fees for all of the secondary school female students we sponsor, so they may live on campus. We encourage and support students who pass their secondary school national exams to enroll further education programs.

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Photo credit: Maria Makungu

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