Witness Fund Committee

January 2024

Dear Friends, 

The Witness Committee has been charged by the Quarterly Meeting to oversee the disbursal of funds for this fiscal year to projects that serve to bear witness to our Quarter Testimonies. We will make two dispersals of funds during the year. To that end we are seeking requests for funding from members of the Quarter for just such projects. We anticipate receiving requests for multiple projects so might not be able to fund all of the requests to the full amount requested.  

For the moment we have agreed to only fund the same project for three consecutive years.  We are expecting but not requiring the projects to be with 501-C3 organizations or under the aegis of such an organization.    

Proposals for project funds need to include: 

1) A description of the project to be funded, which includes the timing of the project; 

2) The project budget (and where the Quarter’s grant fits in if appropriate); 

3) Finally, an annual update on the project which must include a financial report. 

Proposals are due no later than February 28, 2024.  We will make our decisions no later than April 1.  A second call for projects will take place in June 2024 with the funding slated for September 1.

Send proposals to nyqm-witness-fund@nycquakers.org.

Thank you Friends for all the wonderful work you are doing.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


Ed Elder, Jonathan Fluck, Margery Cornwell 


Witness Fund Committee

Composition: Quarterly Meeting Nominating Committee nominates 6 members, one each from Audit and Budget, Trustees and Ministry and Counsel, who appoint 3 more Friends who wish to support the current project.

Term: 3 years, beginning in April. Maximum tenure: 2 consecutive terms.

Meeting Frequency: 4 times annually or as needed.

Purpose: to encourage committees of the Quarter and individual members of the Religious Society of Friends with significant connections to NYQM and who worship with us regularly to propose an outreach or witness project requiring funds beyond budget or available means, to work with the witness committee to raise those funds, and to communicate with members of the Quarter about the project.


 To set up guidelines for proposals, including the following:

  1. The applicants must have access to tax-exempt status.
  2. The proposal may not be for operating expenses or for endowment.
  3. The committee should provide ongoing oversight, and the entity receiving the grant should provide ongoing reporting to the committee until the project is finished.
  4. To make an annual report to the Quarter in January.

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