Silent In Worship, Not On Gun Violence

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The DC rally at March4ourLives starts at 12 pm. FCNL will be open from 8 am through 3 pm for  worship, stand up lobby training, and connecting  with Friends. Updates will be posted on this page as we receive them as well as our FCNL FB event page.

Olney students from OH, CA. FL Quakers and more all gathering at FCNL throughout the day… hope to see BYM Friends as well!

I will preface this information in a nutshell by saying that there still are a lot of moving parts around the event, so not everything is set in stone. I’ve combined the notes from this call with the one I was on yesterday afternoon with Michael Skolnik, who is working with Paola Mendoza on March for Our Lives, as they both covered a lot of the same things.

-The event should be starting at 12 noon, although there appears to be some misinformation on this floating around.

-A stage will be set up on 13th and Pennsylvania (reportedly with the Capitol Building in the background), where people will be speaking

-The march will then run down Pennsylvania, ending on/around 3rd and Pennsylvania

-Organizers weren’t able to secure the Mall, but due to amount of people expected I (Andre) anticipate that there’s going be some spill over

-No one over the age of 18 will be allowed to speak on stage (although other people have reported it’s 21)

-The best way that we can help is by organizing our own constituencies and providing means for them to get down to DC

-There is some funding available for those who need it to attend, I can provide more information on this if needed

-If people can’t come to DC, we should encourage them to participate is sister marches happening around the country that same day

-As far as people know, there aren’t any counter-protests staged at the same time/day

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