2018_01_21 Youth and Teen Programs

Youth and Teen Program at NYYM’s Spring Sessions, Brooklyn


On the weekend of April 6-8, 2018, the NYQM is hosting NYYM’s Spring Sessions. The Sessions will be held at Brooklyn Friends School. The Youth and Teen Program is a significant part of Spring Sessions.

Time is of the essence! We need to have the programming together by early February to put the schedule in Spark and InfoShare. The Youth and Teen Program committee needs to be formed at this Sunday’s Quarterly Meeting on January 21, 2018.

We have incredible resources to put the weekend program together: the Powell House program sets wonderful ground rules to follow and is a terrific resource for community building games and activities. PH also helps spread the word to possible participants via a mail list. Many of our kids have gone through this program and are eager to lead these games and activities, being a resource themselves. Past Sessions coordinators are more than happy to share their successes – and not such successful activities. Presenters or leaders drawn from our meetings can be successfully incorporated into the weekend’s activities and suggested activities so far are conscientious objectors, guided meditations, adults sharing their experiences and discussion, contributions by the kids themselves such as videos they’ve made, poems or writings, artwork, etc. Visits to local places, such as the successful 2014 Fall Sessions Highline walk or a visit to the Weeksville Historic Site  http://www.weeksvillesociety.org/landing/ are good activities. Keep in mind that these Sessions connect our kids both to Quakerism and Quaker programs and resources offered at FGC, Silver Bay, Powell House and other NYYM Sessions.

In the interests of forming the Youth and Teen Program committee that will oversee the programing, we  have the opportunity to meet and get some ideas rolling this Sunday during the potluck (12-1pm) before the Quarterly Meeting for those who will be coming. I will reserve a table or area – watch for the sign – and please join us for an idea and food feast!

In friendship,

Nancy Britton, NYQM clerk

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