PENINGTON FRIENDS HOUSE: An intergenerational Quaker cooperative residence in Manhattan


Did you know that there is an intergenerational Quaker cooperative residence in Manhattan?

Penington Friends House is located in a townhouse at 215 East 15th Street, next door to the Fifteenth Street Meeting House.  In addition to 23 rooms for long-term residence, we offer two short-term guest rooms.


Penington House was founded in 1897 for the purpose of providing for “aged and infirm” Quakers. Over the years, we have evolved become an intergenerational residence and guest facility, supporting a diverse group of individuals, all seeking intentional community. Our not-for-profit residence is run in a cooperative spirit according to Quaker principles. Residents are encouraged to participate in regular communal meals, organize events and activities for the community, and attend the monthly house meeting where their worldly as well as spiritual needs are addressed.


Our long-term community includes the 23 resident rooms and two live-in staff members. Residents are invited initially to apply to join the community for a few months up to five years, and represent a wide range of backgrounds. Truly intergenerational, we are home to residents in their 20s to their 80s! These include New Yorkers returning to the city, new students arriving and seeking a supportive home, and international professionals, among many others.


Applications for residency are ongoing and contingent on room availability. There is no guaranteed formula for acceptance, as there are many criteria considered with an eye to creating the best fit for the house at that moment. Applicants may be assessed on their affiliation with or support for the principles of the Religious Society of Friends, their active interest in living in community and familiarity with cooperative residences in the past, or the alignment of their chosen paths of study or work with Friendly tenets.


To further support the addition of new energy and wisdom to our community, there are also two guest rooms available by reservation for stays from one night to two weeks. Additionally, our parlor is available for half- or whole-day rental to other organizations, especially intended to offer Quaker groups a peaceful place to gather.



A Board of Directors comprised of local Quakers, the on-site staff members, and the shared sense of the residents contribute to the success of Penington Friends House. 




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Rie Ma, Director


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