NYQM Advanced Search Features

In the next few months the NYQM business meeting documents since June 2007 will be available to reference on this website.  In anticipation of these additional 400 business documents as well as future documents, the website includes both a general search that searches all website pages, posts and documents and an advanced search system with the ability to filter searches and add Boolean queries to assist in your search quality.

The advance search features are located in both the Business Section as well as the Resources Document Archive Section of the website.

On left side panel of these pages you will find the advance search options. Here is a picture from the Business Section. There are sort, search terms, document categories, exact date and date parameters filtering options. Each of the Arrows, +, and  – symbols can be clicked to open and close for more advance searching and sorting features.


For the Search Term field, the search offers Wildcard and Boolean operator support.

How does Boolean work? For a more technical schooling of the history and development of Boolen search, read this article. However, without further ado, just add search terms to expand and/or narrow the scope of your search.

For example, search the term consensus- you get one article that references this word. If you want to add a word that is not a matching phrase, in the search type consensus AND parent; and will get five articles that include either of these terms. More ways to narrow and or expand searches can be reviewed on this website: Boolean Search Modifers explained.


And, finally, the reason for your search,  please click through to a searched headline to read the full document in question. The article or document may be read online, downloaded to your computer to be read later, and shared by email with others.  All the documents are PDF documents (Portable Document Format). Below is a screen shot of the PDF document of Faith and Practice available for download and/or reading on the website. These PDF files are designed to be distributed and read by computers with different operating systems – so, may be shared with all Friends, whether users of a Mac, PC or tablet.



Happy searching…

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